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A week full of events for the Superbet Foundation! Follow the latest news from our partnerships!

This week has been a carousel of surprises and unexpected results for us. We had memorable chess matches played on the Superbet Rapid&Blitz Croatia stage and outstanding performances in several sports.

Each success brings us closer to our goals, fulfilling a number of principles and values such as popularizing sports, increasing the level of performance, or integrating sports culture among society.

Medal week for GO Scholarship athletes!

Cycling and table tennis were high on the agenda for the athletes of our partner program, GO Scholarship.

Luca Oprea achieved a hat-trick at the Balkan Table Tennis Championships. His performance earned him three bronze medals in singles, doubles, and team events.

Silvia Posea and Alexandra Mihordea participated in the Romanian MTB Cup. Teammates in the GO Scholarship project, the two cyclists managed to outclass their opponents in the second stage of the Romanian MTB Cup. Silvia Posea won the gold medal after a perfect ride, followed by Alexandra in second place on the podium.

Magnus Carlsen, the king of blitz at Superbet Rapid&Blitz Croatia!

The previous weekend was magical for chess lovers around the world. The Grand Chess Tour 2023 surprised us with the 3rd round of the tournament, held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Ten of the world’s best chess players battled it out in this fast&blitz chess stage for a prize fund of $175,000 and the title of Zagreb stage champion.

After his success in the previous round in Poland, Magnus Carlsen, the former world champion and the highest-rated player of the moment, managed to strike again after an unexpected series of wins.

The first three days of the competition kept the audience in suspense throughout the 9 rounds of rapid chess. Former world champion Vishy Anand had a great start with 2 wins and a draw on the first competition day. Grandmasters Fabiano Caruana and Ian Nepomniachtchi came back strongly in the last 6 rounds of the rapid chess tournament and finished in the top two positions on equal points.

Magnus didn’t shine in the first part of the tournament, but the two blitz tournaments fit like a glove for the Norwegian chess player.

On the first day of the blitz, Magnus brought the crowd to its feet with a run of 9 consecutive wins that propelled him to the top of the rankings. At the end of the 18 rounds of blitz, Magnus has achieved a remarkable 14 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in blitz, a score that has put him at the top of the rankings.

We had a historic comeback and a second round of the Grand Chess Tour 2023 won by Magnus.

With the conclusion of the Superbet Rapid&Blitz Croatia stage, we ticked off the end of the European stages of the GCT 2023, the last two being held in St Louis, USA.


Magnus Carlsen, king of fast&blitz chess! The former world champion has won another stage of the GCT2023 tournament!

Magnus Carlsen has struck again at the Grand Chess Tour 2023! The former world champion has won another round of the tournament after an extraordinary run in blitz chess. 

The Norwegian grandmaster made a great debut in the first rapid&blitz stage of the Grand Chess Tour 2023 in Poland. Now, less than a month later, Magnus has achieved a second success and won the Superbet Rapid&Blitz Croatia trophy.

This year’s round in Croatia gave us a chess show of great proportions. The first 3 days kept the audience in suspense with 9 rounds of rapid chess where nobody could predict who would be the champion.

Grandmaster Vishy Anand got off to a great start on the first day, managing to get two wins and a draw, placing him at the top of the leaderboard. The next 6 rounds of rapid chess went in favor of Grandmasters Fabiano Caruana and Ian Nepomniachtchi, who were tied for first place at the end of the rapid chess tournament.

Magnus proved once again that he is an exceptional chess player and a comeback expert. The two blitz tournaments in the competition fitted like a glove for the former world champion, as he managed to outclass his opponents with an incredible 9 consecutive wins in the first blitz rounds. The end of the two blitz tournaments propelled Magnus to the top of the rankings after a 14-2-2 record.

At a distance of 3 and a half points from the leader, Ian Nepomniachtchi finished second in the ranking, followed by Alireza Firouzja with a total of 22pct.

Final standings:

1-Magnus Carlsen 26/36p

2-Ian Nepomniachtchi 22½/36p

3-Alireza Firouzja 22/36p

4-Fabiano Caruana 21½/36p

5-D Gukesh 19½/36p

6-Richard Rapport 19/36p

7-Vishy Anand 16½/36p

8-Jan Krzysztof Duda 16½/36p

9-Ivan Saric 12/36p

10-Constantin Lupulescu 4½/36p

The Superbet Rapid&Blitz ended to a standing ovation as the last European leg of the Grand Chess Tour 2023. The European trio was brilliantly completed by the world’s best chess players, and the show will continue with the two rounds in Saint Louis.

Caruana day 2

The second day of the competition was lucky for Fabiano Caruana! Here are the results from Day 2 of the Superbet Rapid&Blitz Croatia tournament!

The second day of the competition went perfectly for Fabiano Caruana. The first surprise of the day came from him after he defeated former world champion Magnus Carlsen in round 4.

Placed at the top of the leaderboard, Vishy Anand maintained his positive streak in round 4 and got the win over Croatian Ivan Saric.

Unfortunately for our representative, Constantin Lupulescu, Duda got another win and remained in the top spots after the day’s first round.

Rapport and Gukesh had a tight match that ended in a draw, while Firouzja couldn’t hold off Nepo and started with a defeat on day two of the competition.

Round 4 results:

✅Magnus Carlsen – Fabiano Caruana 0-1

✅Ian Nepomniachtchi – Alireza Firouzja 1-0

✅Vishy Anand – Ivan Saric 1-0

✅Jan Krzysztof Duda – Constantin Lupulescu 1-0

✅D Gukesh – Richard Rapport ½- ½

Round 5 surprised chess fans everywhere. After losing to Ian Nepomniachtchi in the previous round, Firouzja bounced back with a win over Carlsen, leaving him towards the bottom of the rankings with 2 consecutive losses.

Nepo kept his guard up in his match with Rapport and got his second win of the day after a defensively driven match by the Romanian representative.

Round 5 results:

✅Richard Rapport – Ian Nepomniachtchi 0-1

✅Ivan Saric – Jan Krzysztof Duda ½- ½

✅Constantin Lupulescu – D Gukesh 0-1

✅Fabiano Caruana – Vishy Anand ½- ½

✅Alireza Firouzja – Magnus Carlsen 1-0

After two consecutive defeats, former world champion Magnus Carlsen bounced back with a big win over Vishy Anand to knock him off the top of the rankings.

Caruana ended the day with a second win over Duda to move into first place on the leaderboard, tied with Nepo and Anand.

Round 6 results:

✅D Gukesh – Ivan Saric 1-0

✅Alireza Firouzja – Richard Rapport ½- ½

✅Ian Nepomniachtchi – Constantin Lupulescu 1-0

✅Magnus Carlsen – Vishy Anand 1-0

✅Jan Krzysztof Duda – Fabiano Caruana 0-1

The battle remains close after the second day’s surprises, with the champion of rapid chess to be decided during today’s rounds.


Watch the results of the first day of the Superbet Rapid & Blitz Croatia tournament!

The Grand masters had a fiery debut on the first day of competition. During the 3 rounds played, we had surprising results, quick moves, and matches lived at maximum intensity by the audience present.

The opening round of the first competition day ended with 3 important victories for former champion Magnus Carlsen, Romania’s representative Richard Rapport, and Polish grandmaster Jan Krzysztof Duda.

Magnus defeated the young D Gukesh after a fast game completed by the Norwegian star. Duda once again showed his skills in front of the chessboard and notched his first win over Nepo, while Richard surprised the audience with a victory over American grandmaster Fabiano Caruana.

Round 1 results:

D Gukesh – Magnus Carlsen 0-1

Ian Nepomniachtchi – Jan Krzysztof Duda 0-1

Alireza Firouzja – Vishy Anand ½- ½

Richard Rapport – Fabiano Caruana 1-0

Constantin Lupulescu – Ivan Saric ½- ½

The second round of the competition continued to keep the audience on their toes. The 3 game-winning streak continued to the delight of chess lovers. Grandmaster Jan Krzysztof Duda got his second win against French Alireza Firouzja, putting him on top of the ranking after two games played.

Although he got off to a good start in his debut match, Richard was unable to match former world champion Vishy Anand. Anand notched his first win after a win over the Romanian representative, placing him 3rd with a win and a draw after two completed rounds.

Certainly, the second round was not in favor of the Romanian flag. Caruana came back strong after his first-round defeat to Raport and won the duel against Romanian grandmaster Constantin Lupulescu.

Round 2 results:

Jan Krzysztof Duda – Alireza Firouzja 1-0

Vishy Anand – Richard Rapport 1-0

Magnus Carlsen – Ivan Saric ½- ½

D Gukesh – Ian Nepomniachtchi ½- ½

Fabiano Caruana – Constantin Lupulescu 1-0

The last round of the first day of competition was a success for Richard Rapport and Vishy Anand. The winning streak was broken in match 3 for Jan Krzysztof Duda. Richard Rapport prevailed against him after a long match full of twists and turns for both players.

Vishy Anand had a quick victory over Romanian grandmaster Constantin Lupulescu. The former world champion gave the Romanian player no chance, managing to get the fastest win of the round.

With two wins and a draw, Vishy climbed to the top of the leaderboard, followed by Magnus Carlsen, Richard Rapport, and Jan Krzysztof Duda.

Constantin Lupulescu – Vishy Anand 0-1

Ivan Saric – Fabiano Caruana ½- ½

Richard Rapport – Jan Krzysztof Duda 1-0

Alireza Firouzja – D Gukesh ½- ½

Ian Nepomniachtchi – Magnus Carlsen ½- ½

Business strategy concept with figures on chessboard on foggy and wooden background side view.

Chess is rising on the successful business map!

Chess.com founders Erik Allebest and Jay Severson have announced their entry into the top 100 most influential companies in the world.

Alongside renowned brands such as Nvidia, Canva, Duolingo and Discord, chess.com is enjoying exponential user growth and is the most popular app among chess enthusiasts.

Today, chess.com has nearly 140 million users and celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Howard Stern, Will Smith, Ben Affleck and Woody Harrelson have publicly expressed their affinity for the mind sport.

Chess is gaining momentum by the day, as evidenced by the large number of registered games and its retention among US children.

Erik Allebest told the press: “We make no apologies for trying to make chess popular! That is always our goal and we work hard every day to grow the game.”

The ace up the sleeve of this project was the marketing strategy applied for player retention.

In 2021, chess.com introduced more chess bots such as: Cat bots, Scaredy Cat, Catspurrov.

This strategy has resulted in 355% growth since January 2020, with most players being Generation Z.

The site also had over 57 million active players each month, with 840 million games recorded.

Chess.com CEO Erik Allebest said, “For the past 17 years we have focused on serving and growing our chess community. It is a huge and overwhelming honor to be recognized. Chess has the power to influence and improve lives and I am extremely happy to see this recognized by TIME.”

Chess is gaining momentum worldwide and the number of users continues to grow as long as there is involvement in popularising the sport. Superbet Foundation, as the main engine for the promotion of Romanian chess and organizer of the Grand Chess Tour, continues to invest in performance and in the popularization of a sport increasingly loved by the public.

Magnus Campion

Magnus Carlsen became the Superbet Rapid&Blitz Poland champion!

The second leg of the Grand Chess Tour 2023 was a show for mind sport lovers worldwide.

The 10 chess wizards kept us on our toes throughout each round, and the grand finale was completed by Magnus Carlsen’s victory and winning the Superbet Rapid&Blitz Poland 2023 stage title.

Jan Krzysztof Duda had a great run in this stage of the tournament, finishing first in the rapid chess rankings with 6.5pct. However, the difference was made in the blitz tournament where Magnus was unbeatable throughout the rounds.


Final rankings:

1-Magnus Carlsen

2- Jan Krzysztof Duda

3-Wesley So

4-Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

5-Levon Aronian

6-Richard Rapport

7-Anish Giri

8-Kirill Shevchenko

9-Bogdan Deac

10-Radoslaw Wojtaszek


Big wins on the first competition day of Superbet Rapid&Blitz Poland!

The first day of the Polish leg was a spectacle for chess lovers from all over the world. Champion Magnus Carlsen lost his opening game after a Polish defence tipped the balance of the game in his opponent’s favour.

Wesley So and Richard Rapport prevailed over grandmasters Bogdan Deac and Kirill Shevchenko.

In the second half, Aronian prevailed over Kirill Shevchenko with a clear victory.

In the 3rd round, Aronian got his second consecutive win over Anish Giri and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave managed to draw against our countryman Bogdan Deac.


The Bucharest leg of the Grand Chess Tour 2023 has come to an end!

The chess show kept chess lovers in suspense throughout the 9 rounds of play. We had 10 of the world’s best chess players, a prize pool of $350,000 and a show worthy of the world chess hall of fame.

Fabiano Caruana surprised the audience with his performance, managing to finish the competition in first place, half a point behind the Romanian representative, Richard Rapport.

The American grandmaster was undefeated in this stage of the tournament, managing to lead the last game played against Richard Rapport to a favourable draw result.

We had close games, surprise results, and a room full of chess lovers at every round.

Round 9 results

Wesley So-Jan Krzysztof Duda-½-½

Richard Rapport-Fabiano Caruana-½-½

Alireza Firouzja-Maxime Vachier-Lagrave-½-½

Giri Anish-Ian Nepomniachtchi-½-½

Bogdan Deac-Ding Liren 0-1


The round in Bucharest was a great start to the tournament for us. Good moments were in abundance and chess fans in Bucharest enjoyed the most anticipated matches of the year. From tomorrow, the show will continue in Warsaw, where we will have world number 1 Magnus Carlsen, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, Bogdan Deac and Kirill Shevchenko.

It remains to be seen whether Fabiano Caruana will manage to win the second stage of the tournament or whether the presence of the great champion Magnus Carlsen will drastically influence the rankings.


Two rounds, two victories in the Bucharest stage of the Grand Chess Tour tournament!

After five matches ended in a draw in round 6, Alireza Firouzja and Giri Anish scored two victories against Ian Nepomniachtchi and Ding Liren in round 7.

Giri Anish scored his first win in this leg of the Grand Chess Tour. The Dutch grandmaster defeated Ding Liren in the 7th round after an intense match for chess fans.

Alireza Firouzja scored another victory over Ian Nepomniachtchi and moved up to second place in the ranking, level on points with leader Fabiano Caruana.

The magic of the Grand Chess Tour continues today with round 8. Stay tuned!

Round 7 matches:

Alireza Firouzja – Ian Nepomniachtchi 1-0

Wesley So – Fabiano Caruana ½-½

Richard Rapport – Bogdan Deac ½-½

Giri Anish – Ding Liren 1-0

Jan Krzysztof Duda – Maxime Vachier-Lagrave ½-½


Round 5, the most dynamic round of the Grand Chess Tour!

Round 5 of the Grand Chess Tour was full of surprises for professional chess fans. 

The French were at their best in Round 5, with two important wins for their ranking. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave defeated Ian Nepomniachtchi in the most anticipated match of the day.

Alireza Firouzja got his second consecutive win over grandmaster Ding Liren and moved to 2nd place, half a point behind leader Fabiano Caruana.

The opening of this round was memorable for the Grand Chess Tour volunteers and the students of the French School in Bucharest.

European vice-champion and national champion Kirill Shevchenko played a simultaneous in the opening round against the volunteers present. He was joined by French grandmaster Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in a simultaneous against the passionate chess students of the French School.

By far, round number 5 was the most spectacular so far, marking a first half of the competition in Bucharest full of suspense and unexpected results.

Round 5 matches:

Giri Anish – Richard Rapport ½-½


Alireza Firouzja – Ding Liren 1-0


Jan Krzysztof Duda – Fabiano Caruana ½-½


Wesley So – Bogdan Deac ½-½


Ian Nepomniachtchi – Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 0-1