3.5% from tax


According to the law, you can redirect 3.5% of your tax salary to any charity or foundation of your choice. 

This contribution comes at no cost to you, since this is money that has already been withheld from your salary, but it can make a world of difference to the communities we serve. 

With your help we can do even more to improve people’s livelihoods! 

How can you donate?

  1. Download the form below.
  2. Fill in the blanks and sign the document.
  3. Send the document to: contact@superbetfoundation.com
3.5% din impozit


  1. Descarcă formularul precompletat  de mai jos

2. Completează toate spațiile libere și semnează documentul descărcat

3. Trimite documentul completat și semnat la adresa:  contact@fundațiasuperbet.ro

3.5% from tax


Does the 3.5% donation involve additional costs?

No! The 3.5% donation represents a redirection of a small percentage of the money you have already paid to the state.

Do I need other documents?

No! It is enough to send the 230 form, which you can download from this page.

Do I need any documents from work?

No! Submitting the completed form with all the necessary data is enough to complete the donation process.

3.5% from tax

How can I help?


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