Garry Kasparov gives a chess lesson for children, at the opening of the Superbet Chess Classic Romania 2021 chess tournament


The best chess player of all time,  the multiple world champion  Garry Kasparov, will give a chess lesson for children, on June 4, during the official opening ceremony of the Superbet Chess Classic Romania 2021 chess tournament, which will represent the first stage of of the Grand Chess Tour  2021 world competition .

The lesson will have two components. Garry Kasparov will make recommendations from his experience and give explanations especially for children, during an inspirational conference that he will give at the ceremony. Afterwards, 12 children with medals at the National Championships – girls and boys – will participate in a simultaneity offered by Garry Kasparov and the grandmasters participating in the Grand Chess Tour.

Garry Kasparov’s recommendations for the youngest chess players will be able to be watched by children and lovers of the mind sport, during the  live broadcast  of the Opening Ceremony, on the  SuperChess Youtube page and on the  Superchess Facebook page , as well as in the recordings that will stay online.

“We want to encourage children and young people in Romania to discover and love chess. We want chess to become one of the tools through which young generations learn to develop their mind, imagination and strategic thinking. That is why, in the opening of the first stage of the  Grand Chess Tour  2021 , Superbet Chess Classic Romania 2021,  we have a chess lesson for children in Romania. Garry Kasparov can inspire and attract children to this special sport, just as he can send a message to the younger generation to find the resources to reinvent themselves after the pandemic with an educated mind”, he declared Augusta Dragic, president of the Board of Directors of the Superbet Foundation.

The opening ceremony of the Superbet Chess Classic Romania 2021 chess tournament was conceived as a celebration of the educated mind and will include several moments, all of which will be broadcast live on the website  and on the  Superchess Facebook page  . We present them below, with the mention that the full details of the event will be broadcast on June 3, 2021, after the completion of all organizational elements:

13.00 – 14.05  The first part of the official opening ceremony of the  Superbet Chess Classic Romania 2021 tournament:  the messages of the organizers and special guests; presentation of the players; the draw for the order of the contest, the first move with Garry Kasparov, which marks the symbolic opening of the tournament, questions from the press.

14.05 – 16.00 The second part of the official opening ceremony of the Superbet Chess Classic Romania 2021 tournament:

14.05 – 14.55 – Inspirational conference held by Garry Kasparov, with the theme  “Change your life. Make your move”,  in the form of an interview and a children’s chess lesson, followed by questions and answers with guests from the room, including children.

15.00 – 16.00 – Demonstration chess games simultaneously, with the participation of 12 child national chess champions, the 10 players registered in the tournament, Garry Kasparov and some guests from various socio-professional fields.


The opening event aims to convey, especially to young people, but also to chess lovers and the general public, a message of confidence and renewal of one’s own strength, after the difficult experience of the pandemic, summarized in the slogan of the edition: “Change your life. Make your move. With Kasparov” . 

The chess competition that will take place in Bucharest between June 5-14 is the first of five stages in the world circuit founded by Garry Kasparov,   Grand Chess  Tour 2021 . The organizers are the Romanian Chess Federation, the Superbet Foundation and the Grand Chess Tour (GCT). 10 internationally recognized chess players will participate, including Romania’s best chess player, who was confirmed by the GCT as a wildcard . The registered chess players are:  Fabiano Caruana ; Levon Aronian ; Anish Giri ; Alexander Grischuk; Wesley So ; Shakhriyar Mamedyarov ;  _ _ _ Teimour Radjabov; Maxime Vachier-Lagrave ; Richard Rapport, Constantin Lupulescu.

The competition will be classical chess, unlike the 2019 edition hosted by Romania, which was rapid and blitz chess. Chess players will play in a tournament system, that is, each against each other, and the winner will be decided based on the accumulated points. The prizes of the stage in Bucharest amount to 325,000 dollars. 

Public health information

 Both the opening ceremony and the chess tournament will be held in compliance with health protection rules. Access will be based on proof of vaccination, proof of the presence of sar-cov-2 antibodies, or a negative result of a rapid test, done at the entrance. The spaces will be set up respecting the physical distance between the participants. The mask will be mandatory.


Event Support:

Main sponsor: Superbet

Sponsor: One United


Additional details: Oana Marinescu, ; Oana ; 0741278737

Change your life. Make your move. With Kasparov

Garry Kasparov gives  a chess lesson for children, at the opening  of the Superbet Chess Classic Romania 2021 chess tournament

Accreditation of journalists for the event continues until June 3