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Have fun and stay healthy! Superbet is a partner of the Responsible Gambling Week

On 6-10 November, Superbet was a partner of the Responsible Gambling Week organised by the industry portal iGamingpolska.pl. This initiative aims to promote responsible gaming and take responsibility for encouraging players to behave safely. – Responsible gambling is a concept I truly relate to. It is, above all, Corporate Social Responsibility for what we do every day – says Łukasz Seweryniak, CEO of Superbet Polska.

 The primary purpose of the initiative of iGaming.pl journalists was to promote responsibility in bookmaking by providing readers with quality content: talks with industry experts, advice on self-diagnosis of potentially dangerous gambling behaviour, and to make people struggling with addiction aware of the available tools to help them with self-control and to show them where they can seek specialist help.

The responsible gambling mechanisms used by Superbet clients include setting financial limits, limits on time spent on the game, self-suspension and self-exclusion mechanisms, as well as account deletion. In addition, there are a number of safeguards intended for minors and many other activities.

We have a special unit in the company that deals only with responsible gambling. It has developed a number of mechanisms, the most interesting of which are “real-time reporting”, a system that identifies players’ impulsive behaviour. If something like this happens, the information is forwarded to the adequate department, and the player themselves can receive notifications with tips on how they can better control their gambling. We are also working on a tool that will detect dangerous phrases during a chat with our customer service and identify “risky” customers – says Seweryniak.

A key element of responsible gambling is encouraging customers to behave rationally, treat betting as fun and not a source of income, and to only play for such amounts of money that they can afford to lose painlessly. For more information on this subject go the organiser’s website.


Grow a #SUPERWĄS (#SUPERMOUSTACHE) as a joke and promote cancer prevention!

Do you love sports and having fun? You’re really good at it and you like a bit of risk. On the pitch, you value daring rallies more than the conservative passing of the ball. And that’s very good, but on a daily basis, taking care of safety gives you the highest bonuses!

 Each year in Poland, testicular cancer accounts for 25% of cancers detected in men between 15 and 40 years of age. As many as 14 thousand Poles live with this diagnosis. But cancer is not a death sentence. That is why prevention and regular self-examination are so important. Together with the Kochasz Dopilnuj Foundation and our ambassadors, we joined the global Movember campaign, and in November we worked to increase awareness of the prevention of “male” cancers.

– Traditionally, November is the month when we focus on the prevention of testicular and prostate cancers. The first one concerns largely young men, who often do not realise how important regular examination is. In general, our clients and football fans are men, which gives us a special opportunity to reach them with an important message. A moustache has become a symbol of the Movember campaign, so this year, together with our ambassadors and partners from the Kochasz Dopilnuj Foundation, we encourage you to grow and brag about a moustache on social media, all for a good cause – emphasises Łukasz Seweryniak, CEO of Superbet Polska.

In order to draw attention to the campaign, the Superbet logo in our profile photos on social media received an eye-catching moustache, as did our ambassadors in promotional artwork. Above all, however, in cooperation with the Kochasz Dopilnuj Foundation, we have prepared a number of videos with our ambassadors and representatives of befriended clubs and sports organisations, who encouraged, in unison, cancer prevention and… growing a moustache. To honour those who grew a #SUPERMOUSTACHE and posted a photo on social media, we have prepared a PLN 10 free bet for everyone who took part in the campaign. In the first days alone, we received over 300 photos from people who followed in the footsteps of Jerzy Dudek, Sławomir Peszko and Tomasz Smokowski by growing a moustache for health.

TEXT 1Lech Poznań #RAZEM

#TOGETHER for the Academy

The partnership between Lech Poznań and the Superbet bookmaker brand does not only involve classic sponsorship but also extensive CSR activities. As part of the #Together campaign, a new balloon has just been launched at the Lech Academy, the leading one on the Polish map, financed thanks to… Kolejorz fans who set up accounts with Superbet using the TOGETHER code. The renovated structure can be admired next to the stadium at Bułgarska Street.

– Given our scale, we can clearly say that the training of Kolejorz is exemplary. This was also one of the reasons why we decided to embark on such a large partnership with Lech. Our collaboration is strongly based on the #TOGETHER campaign, under which 10% of the first deposit and 1% of the annual profit from accounts opened with this code return to the Academy. Although we have just started working together, we can already boast of the first results – emphasises Superbet CEO, Łukasz Seweryniak.

A completely new air dome for football games has just been constructed at Bułgarska Street. The balloon’s fabric and blowing systems were replaced as part of the funds obtained, among others, from the #TOGETHER campaign, i.e. actually thanks to the involvement of Kolejorz fans. Lech Academy is one of the most important places on the Polish football map. It was here that players such as Kamil Jóźwiak, Robert Gumny, Jakub Kamiński, Karol Linetty, Filip Marchwiński, Tymoteusz Puchacz, Jakub Moder and many, many others gained their football skills. Experts in working with youth use the modern infrastructure of the Wronki centre, regularly supplying the youth and senior Polish national teams with new talented players.

The new air dome is only the first step in using funds from the #TOGETHER campaign. The next ones depend on the actual scale of involvement of Kolejorz fans.

TEXT 4 Zabrze disabled fans

Without Barriers with Górnik

As the Main Sponsor of Górnik Zabrze, we proudly support not only the club itself, but also its fans. Superbet’s cooperation with the Górnik Zabrze Disabled Fan Club, under which we work extensively to improve the situation of fans with disabilities at Polish football stadiums, is a crucial element of such support.

During the Great Silesian Derby, i.e. the clash between Górnik and Ruch Chorzów, we actively joined the ongoing “Stadiums without barriers” campaign, honouring the fans with disabilities present at this prestigious meeting. Zabrze can boast one of the largest of such fan clubs, whose members had the opportunity to meet Jerzy Dudek and receive dedicated club scarves before the match against Ruch. In addition, Superbet donated several valuable sports artefacts to be auctioned through its ambassador, and the proceeds from their sale were allocated to the implementation of the statutory goals of the Górnik Zabrze Disabled Fan Club. Collectors and sports fans had the opportunity to obtain a chessboard signed by grandmasters, including Jan-Krzysztof Duda and Magnus Carlsen, a Górnik T-shirt autographed by Lukas Podolski, and a ball signed by Jerzy Dudek.

Yet another step in reducing the barriers between able-bodied and disabled fans was the appearance of the President of the Zabrze KKN, Adam Roczniok, in the morning broadcast of Kanał Sportowy, the most important sports medium on Polish YouTube. In the broadcast, a disabled Górnik fan talked about the association’s activities, joint activities with Superbet and plans for the future, making sports fans from all over Poland aware not only of the existence of fans with disabilities, but also their work for their beloved team.

TEXT 3 Wave of help – Lech Poznań

Mexican Wave of Goodness – thousands of zlotys to support diabetics

On a Thursday in July, a real treat awaited Kolejorz fans – an exciting European cup match against Zalgiris Kaunas. The football emotions on the pitch were accompanied by a unique support initiative – a real wave of goodness for diabetics.

The Mexican wave in the stands was symbolic. Each completed “lap” was equivalent to Superbet donating PLN 5,000 to the CukierAsy Association of Parents and Guardians of Children with Diabetes. Ultimately, three laps were completed in Poznań. Thus, as a result of the involvement of Kolejorz fans, the account of the organisation supporting diabetics was credited with PLN 15,000! For Superbet, as the new Main Sponsor of Lech Poznań, it was one of the first opportunities to encourage fans to engage in joint activities – and everyone involved did a great job!

This is the second wave of support in cooperation with sports organisations. Earlier, the involvement of fans in the Speedway Grand Prix stands resulted in support for the Polish Motor Association Foundation. The subject of diabetes is also no stranger to Superbet either – during a challenge on the Strava app, together with cycling enthusiasts, we managed to raise over PLN 100,000 for the Polish Diabetes Association.

TEXT 2 Tour De France CSR

We cycled PLN 100 000 on our bikes!

Tour de France for everyone! As part of the “No Sugar” campaign, throughout the most famous cycling race in the world, we encouraged people to complete kilometres on bikes to help diabetics.

The challenge was held between 1 and 23 July and exceeded the wildest expectations of its organisers. As part of the campaign, for every 340.4 km cycled, Superbet donated PLN 100 to a diabetes fighting organisation. Nearly 2,000 people participated in it, and almost half of them rode a minimum of 340 kilometres.

In total, as part of the campaign, cycling enthusiasts rode over 861,000 kilometres – an average of 865 kilometres per person. The three best participants rode a total of nearly 11,000 kilometres during the event. Each of them covered a longer distance than the cyclists in this year’s race around France. The record holder, who took first place in the “Ride kilometres for a good cause!” campaign, rode 3,884.8 kilometres during the 23-day challenge.

The collected money was donated to the Polish Diabetes Association, which has nearly 350 branches and groups, bringing together approximately 60,000 patients in total. The donation by Superbet will finance two projects implemented in 2024. The first one is targeted at people with diabetes and their loved ones. Its aim is to educate patients, prevent diabetic complications and improve the quality of life with diabetes. The second project is training and improving the local branch leaders’ competences.

Magnus Carlsen wygrał kolejny etap Grand Chess Tour

Magnus Carlsen won the next leg of the Grand Chess Tour

The chess grandmaster from Norway, Magnus Carlsen, delighted the audience by winning the next stage of the Grand Chess Tour tournament. First, he proved his chess supremacy in Poland, now in Croatia.
It all started in Warsaw, where Magnus made a great debut in the first phase of Rapid & Blitz Poland GCT2023. He accumulated 24 points in his account, ahead of the local favourite, Jan-Krzysztof Duda. The players fought an extremely spectacular duel, which Magnus Carlsen called “crazy”. Crowds of fans gathered in the audience of the Warsaw POLIN museum, and at times, there were even more volunteers than seats available in the hall.
In the third tournament of the Grand Chess Tour series and the last one played during the European leg of the tour, Magnus once again proved to be an exceptional chess player and an expert in spectacular comebacks. With his phenomenal streak of nine straight wins, he managed to outclass his opponents. Magnus Carlsen triumphed again in Croatia, and Superbet Rapid&Blitz ended with a standing ovation as the last European leg of the Grand Chess Tour 2023

 Cycling for charity

The best initiatives are born from the simplest solutions, and the “No Sugar” challenge itself was born from the passion for sports and bicycles of Superbet Polska employees. Superbet has prepared a unique challenge for fans of two-wheelers, which will last until 23rd July. The holiday season is conducive to cycling trips, and this challenge also has its charitable and social mission, which is essential for us. “No Sugar” campaign collect kilometres to help diabetics and simultaneously guarantee participants unique gadgets, so there is twice as much to fight for! Depending on the length of the distance travelled, Superbet will donate the appropriate amount of money to the Polish Diabetes Association. 

To participate in this CSR initiative organised by Superbet Polska, simply register on Strava, join a specially created group led by Superbet’s ambassador – Jerzy Dudek – and ride kilometres for the Polish Diabetes Association! Everything in the vibe of the Tour de France, not only referenced by the means of transport, but also by the distance (the route of the TdF Great Loop is 3404 km, the participants of our challenge have to ride 340.4 km). 

Diabetes is a serious civilisation disease, but against all the odds, patients can achieve everything they dream of, also in competitive sports, and with this initiative we want to help them do so. We want to show that you can live an active and healthy life with it. We are glad that we can make a contribution to diabetics and to show the struggles that diabetes entails.


Playing TOGETHER for the Lech Academy

On 1 July, Superbet launched a unique, socially-oriented partnership with the Lech Poznań – legendary football club. The strategic sponsorship project assumes exerting a positive influence on the team fans and Poznań community by using brand new and innovative solutions. It will enable us – TOGETHER with the fans – to support the club and its youngest players at the club’s Academy.

The Lech Poznań Academy is a pioneer in training young football players in Poland, which has been consistently staying on a really high level for years. For the example we can check the number of invitations for the junior Polish national team meetings! Many years of experience, great training infrastructure, original methodology, and now also support from Superbet which is playing TOGETHER with the fans – this is all that the top Polish football academy has at its disposal. 

As a brand, we are known for our focus on relationships. Therefore, in addition to football emotions on the pitch, we will also take care of the integration of the environment around socially important issues (including in the aspect of extensive promotion and protection of physical and mental health). We value quality, diversity and innovation so together with the club and fans, we will be the first in Poland to make CSR the real foundation of our cooperation. The premiere took already place at the beginning of our sponsorship. 10% of each first deposit and 1% of the annual profit from accounts opened with the TOGETHER code will be allocated to young football players training at the Lech Poznań Academy and this is just the beginning! 

We are proud that we will be able to implement inspiring projects together with the community of Lech Poznań, contributing to Lech Poznań and its future. TOGETHER with the club, TOGETHER with the fans and the whole community!


Donation for the chess section of Stomil Olsztyn

To confirm the fact that Superbet is not limited to standard sponsorship of football clubs, we are constantly looking for non-standard forms of support for the entities we are sponsoring. The chess section itself, which we have decided to additionally support, is also close to our wide activities around this sport. We hope – that with our help – the newly established section of Stomil Olsztyn will develop rapidly.

The Superbet Foundation is the main sponsor and one of the organizers of Grand Chess Tour series. Two editions of the prestigious Superbet Rapid&Blitz tournament have already been held in Warsaw, with the participation of the world’s top chess players.