The Romanian Chess Federation launches the project “Me too! I support Romanian chess” in partnership with Superbet Foundation

Romanian chess is about to change!

The Romanian Chess Federation launched the project “And I! I support Romanian chess”, a project to which the Superbet Foundation joined.

On December 9, 2021, the presentation of the new project proposed by the Romanian Chess Federation took place. During this celebration, Monica Anisie, former Minister of Education, Gabriel Petrescu, Vice President of the Superbet Foundation and Alin Berescu, Vice President of the Romanian Chess Federation, were present as main guests, together with the President of the Romanian Chess Federation, Vlad Ardeleanu.

Among the guests, we had Romania’s best chess players, Constantin Lupulescu and Bogdan Deac. Superbet offered them each a prize of 40,000 euros, to further support their evolution in professional chess.

During the event, the president of the Romanian Chess Federation explained the benefits of the project “Me too! I support Romanian chess”, and the perspective for the next 4 years.

Both professional chess players and young people eager to learn the secrets of the mind sport are targeted in this project. Also, one of the ideas behind this project aims to implement chess in as many schools as possible to bring it closer to the students’ activities.

The end of the presentation was marked by the donation of 240,000 euros offered by Superbet in order to support this extended project over the next 4 years. We are confident in the new leadership of the Romanian Chess Federation and we want to bring chess among the most popular sports in Romania.

With the help of the involvement of the Superbet Foundation, Romanian players will have the chance to participate in as many international competitions as possible, and Romania can earn a place of honor on the world chess map.