Magnus Carlsen won the next leg of the Grand Chess Tour

Magnus Carlsen wygrał kolejny etap Grand Chess Tour
The chess grandmaster from Norway, Magnus Carlsen, delighted the audience by winning the next stage of the Grand Chess Tour tournament. First, he proved his chess supremacy in Poland, now in Croatia.
It all started in Warsaw, where Magnus made a great debut in the first phase of Rapid & Blitz Poland GCT2023. He accumulated 24 points in his account, ahead of the local favourite, Jan-Krzysztof Duda. The players fought an extremely spectacular duel, which Magnus Carlsen called “crazy”. Crowds of fans gathered in the audience of the Warsaw POLIN museum, and at times, there were even more volunteers than seats available in the hall.
In the third tournament of the Grand Chess Tour series and the last one played during the European leg of the tour, Magnus once again proved to be an exceptional chess player and an expert in spectacular comebacks. With his phenomenal streak of nine straight wins, he managed to outclass his opponents. Magnus Carlsen triumphed again in Croatia, and Superbet Rapid&Blitz ended with a standing ovation as the last European leg of the Grand Chess Tour 2023