Darius Rapa – locul 8 (2)

Historic performance for Romania! Read the latest news of the week!

Last week surprised us with a SuperNews from our partners at GO Scholarship. One of the partner program athletes achieved a historic performance for Romanian sport at this year’s edition of the World Climbing Championships for Juniors.

With the support of the Superbet Foundation and the GO Scholarship staff, Darius Râpă managed to write history for Romanian sport at this year’s edition of the World Junior Climbing Championships in the lead event.

For the first time, a Romanian athlete managed to qualify for a final of the World Climbing Championship and to get a place at the top of the ranking.

The competition in Seoul, South Korea, was a total success for Darius. At just 17 years old, our champion managed to finish the world’s biggest climbing competition in 8th place in the final ranking.

Together with our GO Scholarship partners, we continue to support performance in sport and build a strong generation of well-rounded athletes.

Outstanding winning streak for ACP 3 KIDS!

The ACP 3 KIDS partner club’s batches had a dream week in their competitions. The little footballers enjoyed the game to the full and the intense hours of training rewarded them with an impressive series of victories in the matches played.

The 2012 group managed a series of 3 consecutive victories in the Bucharest Cup, a competition for all clubs in the capital. Their success was complemented by victories for the 2010 and U19 groups, with the clearest victory coming against opponents from Royal Champion (11-3).

The partner club in the capital is growing step by step at every stage and with our financial support, more than 300 children are able to train in optimal conditions and apply what they have learned in official matches.


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A new week means new good news we can enjoy together. The last seven days have brought us surprises in sports performance, chess, and a Super Contest organized by the Superbet Foundation for mind sports lovers nationwide.

Follow the latest information and find out the latest news from our projects!

Performance and experience made a great team!

What results do they surprise us with? How many medals have they won? These are always the questions that excite us when it comes to sporting performances. The answer last week came from Edwin Petrea. The GO Scholarship partner program boxer returned to the Octagon ready to knock out his opponents with new BJJ and striking techniques in amateur MMA’s premier competition.

Edwin managed to surprise everyone again with a silver medal at the MMA World Championships. Prepared to fight some of the most vigorous opponents in the world, the young fighter built his way to the grand final of the competition with an impressive series of wins in his weight and age category.

From hook shots and quick dodges, we move on to the grassroots experience of the ACP 3 KIDS young fighters.

The partner club’s 2012 group enjoyed a whole new experience at the international football tournament in Albena. At just 11 years old, the players of the group were able to showcase their skills in an official tournament alongside teams from all over the world.

The beautiful game was played at the highest level and our representatives enjoyed the support of the public and a memorable experience.

Romania, an important pawn on the world chess map!

The 3rd leg of the Rapid Grand Prix tournament was a total success for the participating chess players. Top players from all over the world competed in the biggest chess festival in Europe. More than 350 chess players from 30 countries competed in the Timisoara stage for the competition’s top prize.

Hans Niemann was the winner of this round, managing to achieve a favourable score of 9.5pct in the 10 rounds played. The runner-up in this round was Armenian grandmaster Haik Martirosyan with 8.5pct, followed by other players including Superbet Foundation ambassador Ivan Sokolov.

Are you passionate about chess? We’ve got a SuperContest for you!

We have a SuperContest for all chess enthusiasts! Enter the Superbet Foundation Facebook and Instagram pages, participate in the posted contest and you can win an invitation to a double match with Grandmaster Constantin Lupulescu and Alessia Ciolacu or a chess board signed by Superbet Chess Classic Romania participants.

Participate now and you can enjoy a memorable experience with two of Romania’s national chess team players!


Start the week with the most important news from our partnerships!

We’ve entered August on the right foot in terms of our partnership activity. The good news continued to come in thick and fast and the athletes in our partnerships with GO Scholarship, ACP 3 KIDS, and Rugby Academy enjoyed an intense and challenging time for their sporting journey.

It was 7 days of fire with great results, exhilarating tournaments, and memorable experiences for the young athletes supported by the Superbet Foundation.

International performances for GO Scholarship athletes!

Athletes in the GO Scholarship partner program continue to aim for the best results in international competitions.

Vladimir Spârlac had the most intense experience at the European U18 Basketball Championship with the Romanian national team.

The young basketball player qualified for the 7th position in the ranking after an extraordinary journey and an important series of victories for our team. Our team has held their own against the biggest teams on the continent in a major competition for European basketball.

From ball sports, we move on to athletics to Mihai Călin’s success at the FOTE competition in Maribor.

Newly introduced to the GO Scholarship family, Mihai Călin debuted with success in the Slovenian competition, managing to place 4th in the high jump event.

Smiles, football, and team activities at the ACP 3 KIDS partner camp!

Results are important for everyone, but they are meaningless if we don’t enjoy the good times and forget to smile at our teammates. The 2010 and 2014 ACP 3 KIDS groups enjoyed a memorable camp in Moeciu with the coaches and staff.

The beautiful weather and team activities boosted the confidence of the little footballers and the well-structured training sessions set them up for success in the upcoming regular season.

Training and personal development are two essential elements in building a strong and determined team, and the trip to Moeciu was a plus for both groups of athletes.

Superbet Foundation has become a sponsor of the National Mini Rugby Circuit!

With our support, Rugby Academy partners managed to organize the 3rd edition of the National Mini Rugby Circuit held in Bucharest.

On the weekend of 5-6 August, rugby teams from all over the country competed at the Arcul de Triumf Stadium in the biggest mini-rugby tournament in the capital.

Out of a desire to develop performance in the sport and to give athletes of all ages the opportunity to test their motor skills, we joined an important project for the Romanian rugby scene.

The tournament was a real success and the little rugby players enjoyed the beauty of the game in a well-organized mini-rugby tournament.


Follow this week’s news and find out the latest news from our partnerships!

July continues to surprise us with new results in the GO Scholarship and ACP 3 KIDS programs. The national championships have brought various awards to the young talents in the GO Scholarship program, and the little footballers in the ACP 3 KIDS club have enjoyed a preparatory series of friendly matches before the regular season. Follow the latest news from our projects and keep up to date with our latest competition wins.

New strategies for the 2023-2024 season!

Partner club ACP 3 KIDS participated in two friendly matches with the U17 and U19 teams before the regular season. The young footballers had the opportunity to test their motor skills on the grass and get back into the rhythm of the sport with their teammates. On this occasion, staff and coaches were able to test several formations and strategies to implement in championship matches. It was a beneficial experience for the players of the beautiful game, and the minutes spent on the pitch may bring them closer to a transfer to bigger teams in the higher leagues.

Gold, silver, and bronze for GO Scholarship cyclists!

Cycling was high among the sports played by GO Scholarship students. Alex Ilie was a double medalist at the national cycling championships after a SuperPrestation in the XCO and short-track events. The GO Scholarship athlete won gold in the XCO event and bronze in the short-track event in the same competition.

Also in cycling, Silvia Maria Posea won the silver medal in the Olympic cross-country event in the cadet category. The 16-year-old managed to add an important medal to her palmares and grab a podium place in an important national competition.


Have you heard the latest news from our projects?

Our partnerships are growing month by month, as evidenced by the extraordinary results in performance and education and the impact they have on society.

The summer weeks always surprise us with great news, and projects such as GO Scholarship or Step by Step continue to give young athletes considerable support in building a solid education for a promising future.

New medal wins for the GO Scholarship record!

Champion for years in her age category and national record holder in the pole vault, Valentina Necoară managed to impress the public and the jury at the U20 National Championships. The GO Scholarship partner athlete won the gold medal after an outstanding performance in the pole vault.

The young athlete’s performance was accompanied by Andrei Luca Oprea’s success at the Top 16 Romania U19 tournament. National table tennis champion and participant in the Balkan Championship, Luca won the silver medal after a series of victories against the best players in the country in the U19 category.

Ball sports were in high demand!

The partnership with Rugby Academy kicked off with a memorable friendly tournament for the young athletes in the U6, U8, U10, and U12 categories. Preparatory rugby matches were perfectly timed with team games on the beach, frolicking in the sea waves, and fun-filled evenings with club staff.

Between seasons, the Rugby Academy club staff found the perfect balance between relaxation and performance, giving the young players a memorable camp and beneficial preparation for the upcoming season.

A unique experience was also had by the 2009 squad of the ACP 3 KIDS team. For the first time, the footballers from the capital club had the opportunity to apply the training hours and strategies they learned in an international tournament. ACP 3 KIDS participated in the Copa Cataluna held in Barcelona. In this competition, the players of the partner club debuted with a victory (7-0) against CS D’Hammamalif from Tunisia.

We want to build strong partnerships through which we support sports performance and sports education of the younger generation.


Superbet Foundation Becomes Sponsor of ACP 3 KIDS SPORT Football Club

The Superbet Foundation reaffirms its commitment to developing young talent in Romanian sports by becoming the main partner of ACP 3 KIDS SPORT club. 

Football remains a crucial aspect of Romanian sports, and the foundation recognizes the need for young players to have access to optimal training and development conditions. 

Through our support, the ACP 3 KIDS SPORT club has already made significant progress in improving its facilities. The arena’s fence has been reinforced with supporting pillars, players’ benches have been updated, a night system has been installed, and aluminum game gates have been installed. 

The sports complex’s toilets are also being upgraded, and the existing irrigation system is being utilized. Our partnership with ACP 3 KIDS SPORT club will continue to make substantial changes to benefit all junior and senior teams. The fence surrounding the field will be entirely replaced, the stands and officials’ seats will be renovated, and athletes will enjoy new changing rooms with state-of-the-art heating systems. 

We believe that today’s young athletes are tomorrow’s champions, and optimal training conditions are essential to achieving outstanding results. We are delighted to collaborate with ACP 3 KIDS SPORT club and hope that this partnership will motivate players of all ages to strive for excellence.