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Project period

2021 - 

Go Scholarship is the largest sports performance project in Romania, founded in 2019 by the former captain of the Romanian national basketball team, Virgil Stănescu.

To achieve great performances from national teams or individual athletes on international podiums, financial support must complement hard work and dedication. Athletes who receive proper support from an early age have a better chance of achieving outstanding performances.

With over 20 years of experience in the sports field, Virgil Stănescu aims to support and develop talented athletes through the Go Scholarship project.

The Superbet Foundation shares the values of involvement and perseverance in the development of Romanian sports and has donated €300,000 to support the project in 2022.

Go Scholarship provides selected athletes with all the necessary resources, including nutrition, physical therapy, and psychological counseling, to help them achieve their desired performances.

The project carefully selects 39 of the best young athletes in Romania to participate in the training program, offering them more opportunities than previous generations.

The Superbet Foundation believes in performance and education through sports and supports the Go Scholarship project in its mission to create a new generation of well-prepared athletes for major competitions.

GO Scholarship

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