Grow a #SUPERMOUSTACHE for fun and promote cancer prevention!


Do you love sports and fun? You’re really good at it and you like a bit of risk? On the pitch, you value bald moves more than the conservative passing the ball. And that’s very good, but on a daily basis, being safe gives you the highest bonuses!

Each year in Poland, testicular cancer accounts for 25% of cancers detected in men between 15 and 40 years of age. As many as 14 thousand Poles live with this diagnosis. But cancer is not a death sentence. That is why prevention and regular self-examination are so important.

Together with the Kochasz Dopilnuj Foundation and our ambassadors, we joined the global Movember campaign, and in November we worked to increase awareness of the prevention of “male” cancers.– Traditionally, November is the month when we focus on the prevention of testicular and prostate cancers. The first one concerns largely young men, who often do not realise how important regular examination is. In general, our clients and football fans are men, which gives us a special opportunity to reach them with an important message. A moustache has become a symbol of the Movember campaign, so this year, together with our ambassadors and partners from the Kochasz Dopilnuj Foundation, we encourage you to grow and brag about a moustache on social media, all for a good cause – emphasises Łukasz Seweryniak, CEO of Superbet Polska.

In order to draw attention to the campaign, the Superbet logo in our profile photos on social media received an eye-catching moustache, as did our ambassadors in promotional artwork. Above all, however, in cooperation with the Kochasz Dopilnuj Foundation, we have prepared a number of videos with our ambassadors and representatives of partner clubs and sports organisations, who encouraged, in unison, cancer prevention and… growing a moustache. To honour those who grew a #SUPERMOUSTACHE and posted a photo on social media, we have prepared a PLN 10 freebet for everyone who took part in the campaign. In the first days alone, we received over 300 photos from people who followed in the footsteps of Jerzy Dudek, Sławomir Peszko and Tomasz Smokowski by growing a moustache for health.