A step forward for culture – Superbet Foundation supports Matricea Românească magazine

Superbet Foundation supports the continuation of the publication of Matricea Românească magazine and starts a new program of merit scholarships for students. 

The Superbet Foundation’s involvement in the Matricea Românească project is aimed at keeping the cultural pillar in the attention of young people and transmitting strong moral landmarks to posterity. 

We believe in the motto “Children are the future” and we want every child to have access to a healthy education and the freedom to choose a series of values important for a good development. 

The partnership between Superbet Foundation and Matricea Românească also includes a scholarship project for rural students. 

Unfortunately, tens of thousands of rural children are forced to drop out of the education system in Romania because of the limited possibilities. Through this scholarship project, we want to give them the opportunity to continue their studies and make the best of their lives. 

We are happy to be with our partners from Matricea Românească and we will continue to support the approach of young people and children to the cultural domain.