The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – 2024


Three auctions, three extraordinary prizes, and nearly 20,000 Polish złotys collected for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Superbet enthusiastically joined the largest CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative in Poland, involving its ambassadors and partners. A total of 7,000 people clicked auctions pages, with 50 participants bidding.

Superbet’s first proposal in the WOŚP auctions was the opportunity to follow a selected home match of Lech Poznań in the Ekstraklasa (Polish top football league) from behind-the-scenes TV coverage. Thanks to collaboration with the official broadcaster of the league, Canal+, Superbet, as the strategic sponsor of Lech Poznań, offered football enthusiasts an exciting opportunity. The auction winner, who bid 5,800 złotys, will get to experience the TV production process on match day and witness a top-level football Ekstraklasa match from an unprecedented perspective.

‘We are delighted that both CANAL+ and our partners from Lech quickly embraced the idea of supporting WOŚP together. As Lech’s sponsor, we always prioritize fans and aim to give them something extraordinary. Hence, the desire to connect our partners and offer fans an exceptional experience at the stadium near Bułgarska Street. We are confident that this will be a memorable day. And most importantly, the funds raised will effectively contribute to treating lung diseases after the coronavirus pandemic,’ emphasizes Łukasz Seweryniak, CEO of Superbet Polska.

However, that’s not the end of the attractions proposed by the bookmaker. Also up for auction was… a walk with Mateusz Borek in his hometown of Dębica, combined with watching a local Wisłoka match. Mateusz Borek, one of Poland’s best football commentators and also an ambassador for Superbet, is a walking treasure trove of football anecdotes. So, it’s no wonder that fans were interested in the opportunity for such an informal meeting. This particular auction achieved the highest amount of 8,900 Polish złotys, contributing to the support of the Orchestra.

The third auction offers a VIP ticket package to the Superbet Poland Darts Masters 2024, the largest darts event in our country. The winner, in addition to the double VIP entry allowing access behind the scenes, will return home with a dartboard signed by the stars of the event. Thanks to this auction, an additional 4,000 złotys were donated to the WOŚP account.

– Superbet Poland Darts Masters was one of our biggest positive surprises last year. We knew that darts was an incredibly exciting sport, but the attendance and the immense energy of the audience exceeded our expectations as the title sponsor of the tournament. This year, the event will be even grander, so winning such an auction is like hitting the bullseye! – smiles Katarzyna Gawlik, Marketing Director of Superbet.